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About Regina

I lived what most people would consider a happy life:  marriage, house, career, education, travel, and entertainment, but something still wasn’t right.  “There’s gotta be something better,” I’d say to myself.  Seems to me things were out of balance.

It seems that many of us struggle with the same issues.  I know I do:  weight, clutter, finances, and getting along with others were the main ones for me.  Is that the same for you?  I have experience with managing these areas and living consciously to reduce the stress of the American way of life.

I have studied since 2012 at the Xolar Vibronics School of Xolarts founded by Koginka Kamaru Xue, a Master and Holistic Healer.  There I learned the fundamentals of living an holistic, conscious life and have been trained to pass the wisdom to others as a Certified Holistic Educator and Conscious Living Coach.  It’s a very practical approach to living consciously.  It’s simple, though it can be complicated because of the habits a person has developed that interfere with living consciously.  I’m talking about making choices that are balanced with what you truly want to achieve - to reduce stress and increase well-being like eating a healthy diet, walking for exercise, organizing the space where you live to reduce clutter, eliminating things you don’t need, managing finances to reduce spending, and getting along with others.

I entered the training program at Xolar Vibronics because I wanted to make meaningful changes in my life.  I was stressed and having health problems.  I was busy, but I felt in my gut that something wasn’t right.  At Xolar Vibronics I learned a conscious way of living, and part of that is eating healthy, exercising, getting rid of things that I don’t need that are actually detrimental to my health, and getting along with others.

It took time to make valuable, effective, lasting changes.  I wanted to live consciously for the rest of my life not just for a day, a month, or a year.  I did it slowly, and the long-term benefits are tremendous.  My health has improved - physically and mentally - and I’m able to take on challenges I didn’t even dare to dream of before.

I would like to help you accomplish your goals and maybe new ones you’ll discover along the way.  I’ve been trained by the best.  Let me share the wisdom with you so you too can lead a more conscious life. 

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