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Image by Léonard Cotte

About Mama Koginka Kamaru Xue

Mama Nuiyen, Master Mama, Mentor, dedicates his life/his being tirelessly in service to the Creator and humanity.  HIs pure, impeccable energy balances and harmonizes everything around him and beyond.  He is a Master Teacher passing the Original Wisdom of the Mother, the wisdom that was originally designed as the way all humans should be, to live simply in balance and harmony with nature and with each other.


Mama himself is a being of great wisdom, lover of the Mother, champion of the spirit/soul of each human being, endowed with special gifts, talents, and abilities that surpass human comprehension.  He is one to listen to with the heart to know and experience Truth the way it was intended to be studied, integrated, and applied.  He points humans in the direction of the Truth, the true wise ways of the Mother, and to the Mother herself, so each spirit can be with dignity and integrity the way we originally were created to be.


I invite you to experience for yourself the true magnificence of the being of light that is called Mama Nuiyen.

Image by Anton Darius | @theSollers

Welcome on the Journey

to Harmonize your Life


The services I provide are to assist you to uncover, or refine, your pure purpose in life, what you truly came to this Earth to do.  It’s something unique, special, that only you can do.  No one else has the qualities you have that are needed to fulfill your purpose.


I assist you to investigate and explore the events in your life from a spiritual perspective because you are Spirit, not a character or personality but something much deeper.  Through the art of recapitulation, you delve deep into who you truly are and that affect change in your life.


I offer guidance and objectivity of one who has been trained as an Holistic Coach from the Xolar Vibronics School of Spiritual Arts developed and established by a Master Mama, Mama Koginka Kamaru Xue.

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